UC Writing Conference 2016 Program Schedule

7:45 - 8:45am: Breakfast

Location: Outside Corwin Pavillion


8:45 - 9:15am: Welcome

Location: Corwin Pavillion

John Majewski, Dean, UCSB Humanities & Fine Arts, College of Letters and Science

Madeleine Sorapure, Director, UCSB Writing Program


9:30 - 10:45am: Panel Session 1

1A Ignite Talk Sessions // Location: State Street Room

Joseph Horton (UCD) // Writ in Water: Student Collaborations with the Navajo Nation

James Donelan (UCSB) // The Return of the Speaker: Teaching Rhetoric with Ignite Talks

Christie Sosa & Robin Scarcella (UCI) // Finding Your Voice: Spoken-Word Poetry & International Students


1B Political Dimensions of Student Writing Experiences across UCI // Location: Goleta Valley Room

Maureen Fitzsimmons, Jasmine Lee, Allison Dziuba, Jens Lloyd (UCI)


1C Writing UC: Uniting Faculty Across Best Practices // Location: Chumash Room

Roxi Power (UCSC) with collaborators from across the UC


1D Writing and Teaching in Digital Environments: Challenges and Opportunities // Location: Lobero Room

Larisa Castillo (UCI) // Writing and Teaching in Digital Environments

Amy Propen (UCSB) // Engendering a Sense of Place in the First-Year Writing Classroom: Or, You Can't Do This with MOOCs

Matthew Zajic (UCD) // Exploring Writing Instructor Attitudes and Actions Towards Disability and Accessibility: Opening the Discussion Across the UC Writing Programs


1E Paradigms for Composition Pedagogies: Social Justice, Reason, and Emotion // Location: Santa Barbara Harbor Room

Lance Langdon (UCI) // Emotion in Composition (Forum): An Editor’s Perspective

Matthew Oliver (UCD) // Toulmin and The Logic of Scientific Discovery: Helping developing science writers to enter scientific conversation, find a research agenda and embrace uncertainty.

Teri Crisp (UCB) & Michelle Baptiste (UCB) // Investigating Community Action for Equity and Justice


11:00 - 12:15pm: Panel Session 2

2A Get the Writing Right Before Speaking Well: Insights from Teaching Oral Presentations Across Campus & Beyond // Location: State Street Room

Craig Cotich, Gina Genova, Jeffrey Hanson (UCSB)


2B Cultivating Reflection In and Beyond the Classroom // Location: Goleta Valley Room

Caren Converse, Auli Ek, Peter Huk, Ljiljana Coklin (UCSB)


2C The Composition of Social Media: Perspectives on Students’ Informal Digital Writing // Location: Chumash Room

Aaron Lanser, DJ Quinn, David Coad (UCD)


2D Teaching Multilingual Writers: Habits of Mind and Histories // Location: Lobero Room

Sei Lee (UCI) // Are International Students Failing or Are We Failing International Students

Randall Rightmire & John Robertson (UCSB) // Different Histories, Different Assumptions: International/Multilingual Writers, Their Challenges & Their Potential


2E Defining Academic Writing Through Every-Day, Online & Multidisciplinary Contexts // Location: Santa Barbara Harbor Room

Amy Fenstermaker, Anne Zanzucchi, and Heather Devrick (UCM)


12:15 - 1:45pm: Lunch & Activities

Location: Lagoon Plaza

Walk around lagoon.

Walk through ADA Museum.


1:45 - 2:45pm: Workshops

3A Teaching Professional Genres in the Writing in Elementary and Secondary Education Courses // Location: State Street Room

Katie Arosteguy, Alison Bright, Brenda Rinard (UCD)


3B Teaching with Standardized Tests // Location: Goleta Valley Room

Jonathan Lang (UCB)


3C The Effects of Traditional Word Count and Grading Requirements on the Implementation and Evaluation of New Writing Pedagogies // Location: Chumash Room

Sarah Faye, Sylvia Morales, Mandy Proctor (UCD)


3D Addressing Writing Program Misperceptions // Location: Lobero Room

Percival Guevarra (UCI)


3E We Say, They Say: What Makes a Writing Conference Successful? // Location: Santa Barbara Harbor Room

Ingrid Bowman and Briana Westmacott (UCSB)


6 Growing Pains: An Interactive Workshop on Finding Creative Solutions to Common Problems in Teaching Writing to International Students // Location: Corwin Pavillion

Tina Matuchniak, Christie Sosa, Rica Kaufel, Karen Lenz, Victorya Nam and Robin Scarcella (UCI)


3:00 - 4:15PM: Panel Session 3

4A Reliance on and Resistance to Crisis-Based Rhetoric in the New UC San Diego Basic Writing Program // Location: State Street Room

Holly Bauer, Karen Gocsik, Madeleine Picciotto, Carrie Wastal (UCSD)


4B Putting the ‘O’ Back in Orientation: Reorienting Professional Development for UC Lecturers // Location: Goleta Valley Room

Lash Keith Vance; Wallace Cleaves (UCR)


4C Multiple Angles on Legitimating Multimodal Texts in Reading,Composition, & Research Courses // Location: Chumash Room

Michelle Baptiste, Kim Freeman, Ryan Sloan (UCB), Amy Lombardi (UCD)


4D Transitioning from High School to College Writing // Location: Lobero Room

Vanessa Osborne (USC), Tom Hitchner (UCLA), Adam Kaiserman (Collg. of Canyons)


4E Cultivating Capacities for Civic Engagement through Professional Writing // Location: Santa Barbara Harbor

Ljiljana Coklin (UCSB // Building Capacity to Enact Change: From Public Presence to Public Action

Tyler Branson (UCSB) // Rhetorical Capacities of Relationship Building

Patrick McHugh (UCSB) // Cultivating Market Savvy for Civic Purposes


4:30 - 6pm: Town Hall & Closing Reception

Location: Corwin Pavillion


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